Instructions for New Patients

New Patient Forms

Please download, print off and complete the New Patient Packet.  Please bring it along with your insurance card to the initial appointment.

New Patient Packet

Call your insurance carrier or go to their website.  Customer service numbers are printed on the back of most cards.  Have your insurance card handy.

Questions to Ask Your Insurance Carrier

Do I need pre-authorization?  

Ask to be sure. Assume nothing.  If you do, follow the instructions at your insurance website

or ask the customer service representative, if you call, to provide the pre-authorization.

What is my co-pay for a mental health office visit ?

Some insurance companies don't have a separate mental health co-pay scale but rather treat it as a “specialist” office visit.

Do I have a deductible?  

Does my deductible apply to mental health office visits?  

Have I met my deductible yet?

Billing & Payment

East Louisville Psychology Group accepts check or cash.  Credit and debit cards are not accepted.  Payment is due at the time services are rendered.  Payment checks should be written out to your individual provider.  Should you have a Health Savings Account as part of your insurance plan, please ask our administrative assistant Marilyn Harpenau for documentation for you to submit for reimbursement.